Shop Update-4/2/19

Safety Razor Progress! It's been a busy month at YPM, and I've been focused mainly on Safety Razor prototyping. I have the handle and baseplate complete, and I hope to have the top cap done within the next week. Once all three components are off the machine, I'll assemble and begin looking at critical dimensions (Blade Gap, Blade Exposure, Blade Angle, etc). I'll then make any design changes I feel are necessary and run another set on the machine (This shouldn't take long as the changes should be small, and I have all of the tooling and workholding ready to go). Once I'm happy, I'll run three complete razors and choose Beta Testers for each. The Beta Testers will have two weeks with the razor to put it through its paces and supply me with feedback.  During this two weeks I'll be busy getting the website setup to accept pre-orders, which I plan to open as soon as I implement any and all changes requested by the Beta Testers. 

While I wanted to have razors shipped to happy customers by Father's Day, I do not see that happening. I want to ensure that the end-user is nothing but happy, and that means taking my time through the design and prototyping process. My wife is working on sourcing environmentally friendly packaging, which is important to us. One reason to switch to a Safety Razor is to reduce the amount of plastic going to the landfill, so shipping them in boxes full packing peanuts and bubble wrap would be contradictory and not in line with our values. 

I appreciate the patience and ongoing support you've shown thus far. I promise that a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing razor is coming soon!