Shop Update-2/27/19

It's been a busy month at YPM. As you may have seen on Instagram, since purchasing my Mori mill, I haven't been able to utilize my toolchanger due to an issue with my spindle encoder. After months of searching/phone calls/learning, I was finally able to track down a replacement (See Below).

Once I replaced the encoder, voila, the machine started changing tools :). However, since the toolchanger had sat idle for nearly three years, one of my contactors that controls the brake (Seen below) on the tool turret gummed up and would sporadically not function, obviously causing an alarm.

I tried my best to clean the contactor, but still had the intermittent problem. Luckily, this was a part that was easy to track down, and a replacement is currently on its way. Hopefully, once it arrives, I'll swap it out and be back up and running!

Once up and running, I have quite a few projects in line on the mill. First and foremost, I'm working on proving out a new putter for American Putter Company. I'm about 75% done with that, and once finished, its on to Safety Razor prototyping!

All materials and tools are in to run 10 prototypes. This will allow me to iterate a few times to get all of my geometries right where they need to be, as well as prove out programs. I ask that you continue to be patient with me on these, as I want to make sure I'm putting out a quality product. I promise, they'll be coming soon!

As always, thanks for the continued support.