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Evergreen Aftershave Tonic

Aftershave Tonic

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Introducing the Aftershave Tonic from Lovett Sundries — your one-stop shop for all your grooming needs! Our tonic is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients right in our Wilkinsburg, PA factory, giving you the highest quality product with each bottle.

When applied to freshly shaven skin, it gives a lively tingle as it tightens and tones the skin. A perfect way to ensure you have that refreshed feeling and put-together look all day long. 

Choose between revitalizing evergreen scent, or unscented for those who prefer a natural neutral aroma. Whichever one you select, you won't regret this purchase — trust us! With Lovett Sundries' exclusive Aftershave Tonic, you'll have looking your best in no time at all. So don't wait - try our tonic today to experience next-level freshness with every shave!

How to Use:

Shake well, splash a little on your face and neck for an invigorating follow-up to shaving. 

Aftershave Tonic Ingredients:

  • distilled water
  • neutral spirits
  • witch hazel
  • glycerin
  • evergreen oil / unscented (your choice)


Packaged in a frosted glass bottle with metal lid. Made in the USA.