921-H “High Level” Baseplate
921-H “High Level” Baseplate
Yates Precision Manufacturing, LLC

921-H “High Level” Baseplate

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The 921-H baseplate boasts increased blade gap and positive exposure, creating a more aggressive shave than our flagship “-M” plate.

This baseplate is only compatible with the Yates Precision Model 921 Safety Razor.


Material: 316 Stainless

Finish: Stonewashed, Bead Blast

Engraving: Individually Serialized

Blade Gap: .040" (1.02mm) 

Exposure: Positive


Proudly made in the USA

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Chris H.
United States United States
Excellent addition to my YPM razor family

The high-level base plate provides a slightly more aggressive cut. It’s worked perfect on my scragglier days.

David M.
United States United States
Awesome Razor!

Both the M and H plates give me an incredibly close shave. I love this razor!

Paul T.
United States United States
Outstanding Razor!

I own about 15 high-end, modern razors. The Yates with the "H" plate is easily in the top tier. The machining is perfect and blade exposer is aggressive, yet somehow very smooth and easy on the face. I highly recommend this product!

Donald G.
United States United States
Shaves a lot like a Blackbird, but better

I've had this (H plate) razor for more than a week and have only good things to say about the shave. It shaves a lot like a Blackbird Razor but better. It gives me a cleaner shave while being easier on my skin. It has a similar blade curvature as the Blackbird, but a larger blade gap, and a superior blade vice. It is the better blade vice that makes it a lot less bitey, whilst giving it a cleaner and more efficient shave. It beats every other razor I have yet tried, with the only exception being the Haircut & Shave Co. P076 SB, which costs $500 more. I bought the head only, because they didn't have any handles in stock at the time. But the stonewashed head just doesn't mate well with any of my polished handles, so I'll probably be buying a handle when they have them back in stock. I do have a couple of constructive criticisms, but they're small. 1) The razor head is 2 mm longer than the blade, which exposes the center ridge of the baseplate, which I find esthetically displeasing. 2) IMO the brand in the center of the topcap cheapens the look of the razor. It would be better to put identifying marks on the underside of the baseplate. A positive note: The 4" handle weighs 58 grams, which is exactly 1.5 times the weight of the head, which is IMO a perfect weight balance. It looks more like a tool than a jewel, but that's just fine because it is a tool, and a damn fine tool at that. Here's wishing you the success that you have rightfully earned.

James K.
United States United States
Great addition to step up efficiency!

I've come to prefer this plate. It's thinner safety bars and increased gap can easily tackle 3 days of growth. I don't tend to go that long, but I appreciate the feel and efficiency regardless. Another quality piece from Yates Precision. Highly recommended addition to your 921.