Estimated Availability Schedule

The table below shows the actual status of jobs in our shop. We get a lot of questions regarding restocking, so we thought it would be best to just share exactly what we use to track jobs. The "Approximate Lead Time" field is just that, Approximate. Things are always subject to change, but we do our best to stick to the schedule. If a component is listed as a "Complete Razor", it's counterparts will obviously need to reach completion before the razors can be listed. We continue to evolve this scheduling system, so it should only get more accurate in the future. We hope you enjoy following along!



Other things we're working on as of 3/18/21

Modular Stands-Material for these is on hand, and we're just waiting for a machine to free up to get another run going. Hoping to have them available by mid to late April

Titanium Razors-We'll be releasing details on our Ti Razor program in the next week or two. We're really excited about this, as it should be pretty unique. Stay tuned!

3.25" Handles-These are in production, I just haven't gotten around to entering them into the schedule. They are currently being machined on the lathe. I hope to have them available in the next 1-2 weeks.

As you can tell by the schedule, we're working on a good size restock of a lot of components. We may delay listing some components until everything is ready to be listed so that customers can avoid multiple orders and save on shipping costs.

Shipping Update: USPS has been terrible lately, and I apologize for any delays you may be experiencing with our orders. Unfortunately this is out of our control, so please be patient. We also added DHL Express as an option for international customers.