921-H “High Level” Baseplate
921-H “High Level” Baseplate
921-H “High Level” Baseplate
921-H “High Level” Baseplate
Yates Precision Manufacturing, LLC

921-H “High Level” Baseplate

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The 921-H baseplate boasts increased blade gap and positive exposure, creating a more aggressive shave than our flagship “-M” plate.

This baseplate is only compatible with the Yates Precision Model 921 Safety Razor.


Material: 316 Stainless, Brass

Finish: Stonewashed, Bead Blast, As-Machined, Brushed (Brass Only)

Engraving: Individually Serialized

Blade Gap: .040" (1.02mm) 

Exposure: Positive


Proudly made in the USA

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Parker S.
United States United States
Goodbye 3-day stubble

I’m looking for a Yates modular razor stand to proudly display my new favorite razor and high level baseplate. The 921 rocks and the high level plate makes quick work of my usual 3-day stubble. Let me know when a new batch of stands are ready for purchase.

Eric J.
United States United States
Very Efficient yet Smooth

Drama-free! I prefer mild yet efficient razors, and get very good shaves with the M plate and the Hybrid plate. Mask wearing has pushed me to try and get as comfortablely close as possible. The H plate is doing this well for me, without that white knuckle feeling I get with aggressive razors. I am really happy with this plate!

John M.
Canada Canada
A nice addition to the standard 921

I ordered this high base plate along with my standard 921. I was a bit worried it might be too aggressive, but when the extra high base plate was announced before placing my order, I figured the high base plate couldn’t be that bad. -Medium has a bit more glide -High is more forgiving of poor angle due to increased exposure -High is better for trimming and around mouth/chin, but more care must be taken -Medium has less stubble after shave when rubbing against grain, by a small margin -You can definitely feel that the blade is touching your face with the high base, but it didn’t cause any more irritation or nicks. It is a very slight difference when compared in the same shave. I wouldn’t say order one on its own, but if you’re ordering something from Yates in the future it might be worth throwing in to compare the two and find which works best for you. I have sensitive skin and shave every other day to prevent stubble irritation on my mask during Covid, am I tend to stick to the medium base plate.

Patrick K.
United States United States


Tyler M.
United States United States
This comfortable razor is my new daily driver.

Let me preface this by saying I have much experience with many razors. Some lower end some very premium and high end (this razor fits squarely in the latter, don’t let the reasonable price fool you). I’m an everyday shaver and frankly most of the higher end razors are simply not comfortable for an every day shaver such as me. They tend to err on the aggressive side. This one sure can be aggressive with the H plate, yet still quite comfy and supremely efficient. I personally use the lower plate on a day to day basis and have yet to find anything that just plain works for my face better. I can usually manage a 2 pass dfs with some buffing whereas the 6s I used daily before I generally needed the full three passes to get there or bbs. I personally prefer shorter handles and the standard handle is definitely on the longer side so I picked up the stubbier guy and quite like it. This razor has come out on top as one of my favorite razors out of my many other razors, some of which cost 3 times the price of this! Amazing value here. I highly recommend.