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Handcrafted next door in Wilkinsburg, PA, by Lovett Sundries, our shaving soap promises to deliver a great lather. The bentonite clay acts like a sponge and absorbs dirt and particles from your skin. It also adds lubricity for your safety razor.

How to apply:

When using a brush: Wet your brush and swirl in a circular motion on the puck to create a lather. Then, spread it onto your skin before shaving. 

Without a  brush: Take the puck into your hands and rub to create a lather. Spread over skin before shaving, or use directly on the area you'd like to shave.

Shaving Soap Ingredients:

  • soy wax
  • distilled water
  • coconut oil
  • dual-lye
  • cocoa butter
  • castor oil
  • glycerin
  • bentonite clay

Why Unscented?

Lovett Sundries believes in using natural ingredients, and we couldn't agree more! Most fragrances found in products today are synthetic and could pose potential issues for your skin. While our pre and post-shave products do come in a scented variety, natural essential oils are used to achieve those scents.

These essential oils do not hold up well during the soap-making process. This is why our shaving soap is only offered as unscented.

 Net Wt: 4.0 oz (114 g)

This soap is proudly made in the USA by a small family business.



    I have tried many different brands of safety razors and different styles. This razor is absolutely what I have been looking for!

    Patrick K.
    United States

    Never again shall a multi blade razor rip hairs off of my face. The YPM 921-M safety razor is an absolute must have for every guy. The quality and attention to detail of this razor set it apart from the competition. The finish is uniform, the machining is incredibly clean and the design is honed to perfection. No joke I handled every piece for over 10 minutes just admiring the craftsmanship that’s put into this Safety Razor. Definitely a different shaving experience than a 5 blade but I throughly enjoy every shave and will never go back! Keep up the quality work!

    Alexander L.
    United States

    The quality of the base plate is excellent. The whole line Yates Precision is excellent. When you buy products from Yates, they will last forever. It is a solid investment

    Victor S.
    United States

    I have been able to achieve one of the best shaves of my life with the EH plate. Very smooth and efficient. Paired with a Feather blade it gives a BBS shave. Very smooth razor and great baseplate. Highly recommended.

    Paul S.
    United States

    recently purchased the Yates 921 with the new EH plate and it has been incredible. The shaves don't get any better. Build quality has to be the hallmark of this company as the razor has absolutely zero flaws. This particular razor came with the new mahine finish which I highly recomment as it is beautiful.

    Jerry S.
    United States

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