stainless steel safety razor
stainless steel safety razor with magnet in handle
stainless steel safety razor side view
Stainless Winning Safety Razor
Stainless Winning Safety Razor
Stainless Winning Safety Razor
Stainless Winning Safety Razor

Stainless Winning Safety Razor

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**Important Note**

This is now a pre-order of sorts. We decided to leave this open to alleviate any frustration due to missing out on drops and to help our international customers. With that being said, these razors will now carry a standard lead time of 1-3 weeks, with the possibility of it being even longer based on backlog. If the backlog gets out of hand we may close this temporarily. Please be patient with us.


Introducing the Winning Safety Razor, a perfect fusion of form and function. CNC machined with precision and made entirely in the USA, this stainless safety razor is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship. Its durable construction guarantees longevity while its intuitive design ensures a close, smooth shave every time. With the Winning Safety Razor, experience a shaving routine that is not just about grooming, but also a testament to the appreciation of skillful design and excellent manufacturing. This is more than just a razor – this is a commitment to superior quality and a seamless shaving experience. Upgrade your grooming routine today with the Winning Safety Razor, proudly made in the USA and engineered to perfection.

Advantages of the Winning Safety Razor

  • Made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel, ensuring strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Machined entirely on CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) equipment, ensuring accuracy and consistency
  • Machined finish provides an industrial look and feel.
  • The top cap and baseplate are machined with a pre-defined shaving angle, which makes the Winning Razor one of the most intuitive stainless safety razors to use.
  • A very grippy handle ensures the safety razor will stay in your hand. 
  • Magnet in the bottom of the handle makes changing blades easier and safer.
  • Lather channels run the entire length of the baseplate to prevent clogging.
  • Fits in both our 921 Inkwell and Merica Inkwell Razor Stands
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty- If anything happens to your safety razor due to manufacturing defects, send it back and we'll be happy to replace it. 

 winning safety razor angle

Intuitive head design makes finding the correct shaving angle a breeze.

Scalloping on the top cap helps to reduce drag.

Precision milling ensures tight tolerances on all critical features.

Safety Razor Statistics

  • Weight-103g
  • Overall Length-3.460"
  • Grip Diameter- .475"
  • Blade Gap- .016"
  • Blade Exposure- Neutral

Don't let the gap and exposure fool you, this safety razor is surprisingly efficient.

What's Included:

    • One complete stainless steel safety razor 
      • One month's worth of blades (5-pack)

      Safety Disclaimer: Razors are sharp. Please use extreme caution when shaving with your safety razor and please keep out of reach of children. Yates Precision Manufacturing, LLC is not responsible for any injuries that may occur while using this product. Use common sense and good judgement, and happy shaving!

      Note: The images above are a close representation of the product you will receive. However, as we are constantly evolving and improving, there may be slight differences.

      Proudly made in the USA