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Pre-shave Oil

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Introducing Lovett Sundries' handcrafted Pre-Shave Oil, the ultimate solution to transform your shaving routine. Made right next door in the town of Wilkinsburg, PA, this all-natural elixir is the key to unlocking the secret to a smooth and irritation-free shave.

We understand that shaving can sometimes feel like a battle against your own skin. Therefore, our Pre-Shave Oil saves the day, effortlessly gliding your razor with less friction and reducing irritation to a mere memory.

Crafted with care, Lovett Sundries' Pre-Shave Oil combines the best of nature's bounty to deliver a remarkable shaving experience. We've harnessed the power of antioxidant-rich vitamin E oil to soothe and nourish your skin, providing a much-deserved relief from inflammation. With every stroke, your skin will feel pampered, revitalized, and ready to conquer the day.

We know that scent plays a crucial role in creating a sensory experience. That's why we offer you the choice between two captivating options. Our evergreen-scented Pre-Shave Oil will transport you to a serene forest, while our unscented version ensures that your shave remains an ode to simplicity and purity.

Say farewell to razor burn and bid farewell to irritation. Elevate your grooming routine to new heights with Lovett Sundries' Pre-Shave Oil.  Experience the difference that passion and quality make in every aspect of your life. Choose Lovett Sundries, choose excellence.

Net Wt: 2.0 fl oz (59.1 ml)

How to use:

Massage a dropper full of this oil onto stubble to get your skin ready for the razor.

Pre-shave Oil Ingredients:

  • castor oil
  • apricot oil
  • vitamin e oil
  • evergreen oils or unscented