Titanium Razor Signup

Welcome to the YPM Titanium Safety Razor Waitlist! These razors are "Maker's Choice", meaning we choose the design and finish of each razor. When selected, you then have the choice of purchasing the razor or passing it on to the next person on the list. Each razor will be unique in geometry, engraving and finish, all of which will be clearly conveyed to you in an email prior to any money being exchanged.

How it works:

1) Use the form below to add your name and email to the list. Please only add your name once.

2) Wait (Oh the suspense!)

3) As we complete razors, we'll work our way down the list in order of signup. We'll also occasionally randomly select a customer from the list, so there is always a chance you could be next.

4) The chosen customer will receive an email with pertinent details on the razor, as well as photos and price.

5) The customer then has 48 hours to email back with their decision to either purchase the razor or pass it on to the next person on the list.

6) If the customer decides to purchase, they will be emailed a link to enter payment and shipping details. Once the purchase is made, they will be removed from the list. They are more than welcome to sign back up via the form if they would like the chance to purchase another razor.

7) If the customer decides to pass on the razor, they will remain on the waitlist and the next person on the list will then be emailed with the chance to purchase, and so on.


Starting price is $300 USD. Price will vary based on complexity and finish of each razor.

Shipping is free and insured to the United States via UPS. International customers are responsible for shipping costs and insurance, and will have the option of DHL Express (Recommended), UPS, FedEx and USPS.


Update as of 4/5/21:

We're hoping to begin shipping Ti Razors by mid to late May. We've had a great response to the Waitlist thus far, so we're excited to start rolling them out. Packaging is currently undergoing an overhaul, and the shop is being prepped for a new machine that will alleviate production bottlenecks going forward. 2021 should be a great year for YPM and our incredible customers! 

Update as of 3/23/21:

The Ti Waitlist is live! We're still working out some details on our end, but we're comfortable enough to begin collecting names and email addresses. There will definitely be some bugs to work out in the beginning in regards to housekeeping, but we're very excited to offer these razors.