Traveling with your Safety Razor


Safety Razor

Traveling with safety razor

For many men and women, traveling with a safety razor is a must. Understanding the rules and regulations regarding safety razors and air travel can be a bit of a pain. We want you to feel confident traveling with your safety razor and stay clear of completely disposable and electric razors as options. Here are a few travel tips to make sure your razor arrives at your destination safe and sound.

Packing your safety razor when you travel can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

There are many different types of metal safety razors on the market today. Packing a double edge razor like our Model 921 in your luggage can be a breeze when you know the TSA guidelines. 


Questions arise like: can I bring a razor on a plane? How can they be stored? Can I put it in my carry on luggage?  Does it have to go in my checked luggage? Are the Rules the same regarding double edge safety razors vs. a straight razor? Am I stuck using a crappy disposable razor on trips?


Thankfully, the  double edge safety razor is growing in popularity over the cartridge razor and disposable razors, so it shouldn’t be difficult to add them into your fly-away packing routine for a superior shave on the go. If you want to travel with a safety razor, knowing the rules for flying and packing properly can make the process much easier and less stressful.


Every airline has different regulations as to what you can and cannot bring on board. We recommend you find out if the airline you are traveling with has restrictions on carrying sharp objects like safety razors. You will want to disassemble the parts of the razor before putting it in your bags, and store the razor blades separately from the handle. However, airlines will require you to store the blades in your checked luggage. 

Safety Razor


Can you bring a safety razor on a plane?

Yes, under regulations the passenger may take a Safety razor onto the plane without a razor blade.

Can you bring straight razors on a plane?

This type of razor blade should only be kept in checked bags and strictly forbidden in the carry on luggage compartment.

Can you bring Shaving Soap on a plane?

Shaving soap is allowed by TSA for carry-on, as well as liquids less than 3.4 ounces (as long as they fit in a quart-size bag). It is important to note that shaving cream does fall into the liquid category and will need to abide by the 3.4 ounces rule to carry it on the plane with you. 

Consider what kind of case you want to use.

Choosing a case for your safety razor doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. If you are concerned about protecting your Razor from damage, the hard-shell option is the way to go. But if you’re looking for convenience and want something easier to store and carry, especially if you are only carrying a small bag, a softer fabric case may provide the best option for you. 

Just like your personal preference in shaving, it all comes down to personal preference in terms of travel cases, so take some time to consider which one is right for you in traveling. 

 Personally, I use a soft leather carrying case where my disassembled razor can be stored securely while taking up very little space in my luggage. When purchasing our 921 Model, we provide a reusable tin with moisture and mildew resistant foam for easy storing and travel. 


 Don't forget the blades! You'll need to pack them separately from the rest of the safety razor. 

No matter how perfectly packed your safety razor is, it just won't work without the blades. When it comes to traveling with a safety razor, don't forget to pack your blades separately. As stated, airlines will require you to store the blade in your checked luggage to board the plane. 


What If I Don't Want To Check My Bag?

For shorter weekends or business trips, you may elect to only travel with carry-on luggage. 

Safety Razor

If checking your double edge blades isn't an option, you can find a place to buy them when you arrive at your destination. Thankfully, safety razor blades are available to purchase at many stores, including Target, CVS, and Walgreens in a small pack that will get you by for a short time. In hotels you can get concierge services for your stay. 

 With these tips in mind, packing your safety razors for travel will be a breeze!

Traveling with a safety razor doesn't have to be a hassle. These are some easy tips and tricks that you can use when packing your razor for an upcoming adventure. 

First, make sure there is enough space in your luggage for the safety razor; you don't want it pressed up against other items where it could become easily damaged during the journey. 

Shaving soap

Second, invest in a protective case for your razor that will provide some extra cushion should anything drop or move around while transporting it.

 Finally, confirm that airport security regulations allow you to bring a safety razor on board before you fly - this way you won't get caught off guard and have to leave it behind at the security checkpoint! With these helpful hints in mind, packing your trusty safety razor will be stress-free!

Traveling with a safety razor can be daunting but don't let it put fear into the heart of any intrepid traveler! With this in mind, the best thing to do is take some precautions and plan ahead. Make sure you choose the right case to transport your razor, store all additional shaving gear and shaving soap appropriately, and don’t forget to bring your spare razor blades.

Safety Razor

 Doing these few simple things will make packing your supplies much simpler, so you can get out and explore the world guilt-free! 

We hope these tips for traveling with your razor make your next traveling experience easier. Do you have any personal tips that you'd like to share? Comment below!




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